Mosman Rider

  • From 5 August, the Mosman Rider began new hours of operation that differentiate between winter and summer. The winter operating times are from 9am–1pm and 2pm–4pm and operate from May to September. Between October and April. the summer schedule operates, providing an extra 2 hours of operation each day and extending the finishing time to 6pm. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

This hail-and-ride community bus service operates seven days a week transporting residents and visitors around Mosman on an hourly loop. Operating times vary between summer and winter months:

  • May–September        9am–1pm   2pm–4pm
  • October–April            9am–1pm   2pm–6pm

Note: the Rider runs every day, except Christmas Day.

Its aim is to reduce Mosman’s environmental footprint and reduce congestion at Balmoral, in particular.

Your guide to getting around Mosman without a car

The Mosman Sustainable Transport Guide is your guide to cycling, walking, catching public transport and car sharing in Mosman. The map shows cycling routes, walks, bus stops, ferry wharfs, bike parking, recreational areas, key places of interest… and much more.