Council taps into iPhone app

You’re sitting at a café and you want to know if any development applications have been made on the properties around you…

Perhaps you’re looking to buy or rent.

You scan the area with your mobile phone. You see – in real time over a live image – an icon above all properties with a DA at council. You tap the icon to learn more…

Something for the future?

Thanks to a new ‘augmented reality’ phone app, you can do that in Mosman – right now.

Matthew Landauer, founder of the non-profit organisation OpenAustralia that built the service, calls it “a new way of seeing planning applications.”

Mosman Council made it easy for the phone app to deliver real-time information. Our Community Engagement Strategy, adopted in April last year, recommends open data formats and Creative Commons licensing for publicly-available information. The DA Tracker was upgraded to do just that, allowing web developers to innovate on Council’s data and deliver new products of real value to the community.

The PlanningAlerts Layar app is available free for iPhone 3GS+ and Android phones. To install, use your phone and go to

You can also get new development applications delivered to your inbox by signing up for email alerts at

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