Sydney, NSW

Representative honours

Australian Triathlon World Championship Representative, Australian Duathlon World Championship Representative, Australian Goodwill Games Team

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett is described as 'a run specialist, with menacing bike power' and as 'one of the most amiable athletes in the sport of triathlon'. Greg started to participate in triathlons at the age of 16 and entered the professional ranks as an inexperienced rookie in 1994 with his debut as an Australian Representative at the World Triathlon Championships in New Zealand.

With much patience and perseverance he has risen to become the number one triathlete in the world in 2002. In 2003, Greg continues to dominate as the current world number one.

His long career includes nine World Triathlon Championships (1994-2003), two Duathlon World Championships (1999 and 2003), and two Goodwill Games (1998 and 2001). He has established himself as the most consistent performer in the sport, being voted 'most consistent athlete of 2001' by Triathlete Magazine USA.

Greg was the Australian triathlon champion in 1998 and 1999 and Australian long distance triathlon champion in 2000.

Greg trains with coach Lance Watson and when he's not training or racing enjoys surfing and sailing.

Greg divides his time between Mosman, Noosa and Canada.