Mosman Rider Service

Posted Wednesday 11 April 2018

Council has considered the future delivery of the Mosman Rider bus service and has resolved to discontinue the service at the conclusion of the current Rider contract on 30 June this year. The Mosman Rider will continue to operate as normal up until that time, with the winter timetable (9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm daily) operating.

In determining the service’s future at its March 2018 meeting, Council considered the changing transport options available to residents, the significant and ongoing fall in Rider patronage, as well as increasing costs per passenger. Council also considered opportunities to deliver more targeted transport services for those in greatest need and has allocated funds to augment Council’s Community Transport service to accommodate residents facing significant issues with access to appropriate local transport. Mayor Corrigan will be personally engaging with community members in planning for the expanded Community Transport offering, with a report on the efficacy of the augmented service to come back to Council within three months of its commencement.

Council has also made representations to the NSW Government supporting a trial of ‘on-demand’ public transport runs in Mosman and a response is currently awaited.