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Council Decided – 3 December 2019

Posted Friday 06 December 2019

National Parking Industry Award

Mayor Corrigan presented a Mayoral Minute recognising Mosman Council’s recent success at the 2019 National Parking Industry Awards. Council was the winner of the ‘Excellence in Technology and Innovation – On Street’ Award for its VPermit initiative implemented for residential, foreshore and visitor parking permits in 2018 and 2019. Together with Brisbane City, Mosman is the first local government area in Australia to introduce annual digital parking permits.

Mosman Council was also a finalist in two other Award categories – ‘Outstanding Marketing and Communications’, and ‘Parking Organisation of the Year’, further reflecting the Council’s commitment to excellence and innovation in service delivery.

Renew Our Libraries – Phase 2 Campaign

Council recognised the recent increases in State government funding for public libraries following a concerted campaign by NSW councils, libraries and communities, together with the NSW Public Libraries Association. It was also acknowledged that further work is needed to ensure a sustainable library funding model, with Council resolving to make representations to the local State Member, Minister for the Arts and Shadow Minister for the Arts advocating for indexation and legislative protection of the current State funding model. Information regarding the ongoing Renew Our Libraries advocacy campaign will be made available in the Barry O’Keefe Library.

Mosman Shop Local

A report was presented to Council outlining potential opportunities to implement a Shop Local Program in Mosman. The report included feedback received from almost 60 local businesses regarding a program of this kind, including the possible introduction of a Mosman Gift Card. Council resolved that a Shop Local program incorporating a series of campaigns and promotions, and with an estimated cost of $100,000 per year for two years, be given further consideration during development of its 2020/21 budget.

Mosman Local Strategic Planning Statement

Following consultation on Mosman’s draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) from June to August 2019, Council considered a comprehensive report outlining the results of the consultation, including 652 written submissions and verbal feedback from people who attended a public meeting on 24 July. The report detailed the nature of community feedback received and proposed various changes to the draft LSPS as a result. Council resolved to adopt the revised LSPS and to submit the document to the Greater Sydney Commission seeking its support. Once a letter of support is forthcoming from the Commission, the General Manager will formalise the Statement under the relevant provisions of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

Use of Glyphosate

In response to a Council resolution on 2 July this year, a report was presented to the meeting outlining Council’s current usage of glyphosate as well as research undertaken regarding wider industry usage, scientific data and standards, risk management, and alternative approaches to weed management. Having regard to the data provided in this report, Council resolved to continue allowing its contractors to use glyphosate with the addition of coloured vegetable dye. The use of glyphosate will continue to be notified to the public in accordance with Council’s Pesticides Use Notification Plan.

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Review

Council considered a draft submission prepared as Council’s response to the current independent review of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. The draft submission acknowledged the achievements of the Trust since its inception and supported the continuation of the Trust in undertaking its work across multiple sites, with particular reference to Trust-controlled lands at Headland Park. The draft submission, a copy of which is available here, was adopted by Council and will be formally lodged.

Accessible Amenities, Raglan Street West

A report was presented to Council detailing the successful funding application for accessible toilet facilities at Raglan Street West as part of the NSW Government’s 2019 My Community Project funding program. Council is required to formally enter into a funding agreement for the necessary works, and the report provided Council with a concept plan for the proposed works and advice regarding funding necessary to undertake the project. Council resolved to approve the recommended budget for the works, and to endorse the concept designs for tender and construction, with further consideration to be given to various aesthetic elements including external colour scheme, planting options and use of recycled materials. A formal funding agreement will now be entered into.

Climate – State of Emergency Response

Further to Council’s resolution of 12 November declaring a Climate Emergency, a report was presented outlining a range of past, present and potential responses by Council to climate change. It was subsequently resolved by Council that it continue its advocacy with State and Federal governments seeking action on climate change and that Council develop a Climate Action Plan which includes detailed engagement with the Mosman community. Once finalised the Climate Action Plan will form part of a Resilience Strategy which will replace existing Environmental Management Plans, build on Council’s capacity to respond to a changing climate and set a clear policy direction for Mosman. A variety of possible actions raised at the meeting will be considered during development of the Action Plan, and additional resources will be provided to enable work on the Plan to commence.

Memory Park Fencing

Council considered a proposal to install fencing around the children’s playground at Memory Park and resolved that a report be provided for the March 2020 Council meeting detailing the cost of providing various fencing styles at this location, with the use of recycled materials also being considered. Public consultation regarding the proposed fencing is to be undertaken in conjunction with preparation of the report.

North Shore Bus Services

Council resolved to liaise with the State Member for North Shore and to then make representations to the NSW Premier and Minister for Transport seeking assurances that, following franchising/privatisation of public buses in northern Sydney, services will continue to be developed and improved.

Domestic Mixed Solid Waste Services

A report was presented to Council in relation to the management of Mosman’s domestic mixed solid waste disposal over the short to medium term, and it was subsequently resolved to join the NSROC Waste Alliance. A subsidised compost bin program for Mosman residents (on request) will also be implemented.