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Council Decided – 7 July 2020

Posted Friday 10 July 2020

Local Planning Panel Reforms

On Friday 3 July Council was notified of newly gazetted legislative changes affecting the administration and operation of Local Planning Panels. These reforms were not subject to any community consultation, forming part of the Planning Acceleration Program implemented by the NSW Government to support the State’s COVID-19 economic recovery. Given the significance of these changes to the planning process Council unanimously resolved, in a response to a Mayoral Minute from Mayor Corrigan, to obtain a report from staff to ascertain the full extent and anticipated impact of the changes, with specific attention to the impact on Mosman residents.

Community Consultative Committees

Following a resolution of Council on 2 June 2020 and a subsequent Councillor Workshop, a report was presented to Council in relation to its Community Consultative Committees. Council adopted the recommendations presented in that report, including the formal discontinuance of the Friendship Cities Committee, a range of amendments to Committee Charters, a change to the tenure of Councillor representation on Committees, and amendments to the selection process for community representatives. Council also resolved to allow Consultative Committee meetings, previously suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to recommence with due regard for COVID-19 public health orders and social distancing requirements.

COVID-19 Update

Council received a further report regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and endorsed actions taken to date including the reopening of Council facilities, services and programs; continuance and changes to hardship arrangement; additional expenditures to assist with additional cleaning; and changes to governance arrangements and Council Meetings in accordance with Public Health Orders.

Road Reserves Sale, Leasing and Consent Policy

At Council’s meeting held on 7 April 2020 it was resolved that an updated draft policy relating to road reserves sale, leasing and consent be exhibited for public comment. The updates to the policy presented at that time were aimed at providing greater clarity for the assessment of applications to close, purchase or occupy Council’s unformed road reserves. At the conclusion of the one month exhibition period three comments on the draft policy had been received and resulted in minor amendments being made. Having considered the report presented to Council and further comments provided by the Mosman Parks and Bushland Association Council resolved to adopt the revised policy as presented and to thank both the Association and the Director Corporate Services for their contribution.

Low Rise Housing Diversity Code

A report was provided to Council on the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, which commenced in Mosman on 1 July following a 2 year deferment after its initial introduction by the NSW Government. This code will enable dual occupancies, manor houses and multi-dwelling housing (terraces) to be approved by an accredited Private Certifier as Complying Development, subject to State-wide planning controls. It currently applies to 1018 lots in Mosman, including land zoned R3 Medium Density Residential. Unlike many other council areas the Code will not apply in Mosman’s R2 Low Density Residential Zone, however it will potentially also apply to a further 682 lots from 30 November 2021 when the current (temporary) Scenic Protection Area exclusion under the Codes SEPP is due to cease.

Development Control Plans – Housekeeping Amendments

Council resolved to approve a range of housekeeping amendments to Mosman’s Development Control Plans following a period of public exhibition during April and May 2020. While the proposed amendments were viewed and downloaded multiple times from Council’s website, no enquiries or submissions were received.

Climate – State of Emergency Future Actions

Council considered a report providing updates on action taken since its declaration of a Climate Emergency in November 2019 and welcomed to the meeting the Team Leader Sustainability, Dr Ruth Irwin. In receiving the report, and noting the submission of more than 20 residents on the report’s recommendations, Council resolved to set a target for Council operations of zero net emissions by 2030 and an aspirational target for the Mosman community of zero net emissions by 2040. Council also resolved to establish a Climate Action Community Consultative Committee comprising Councillors, members of the community and staff, and a further report will be provided to Council regarding the Committee Charter and selection process. A Councillor Workshop will also be held with Council’s environmental staff to further assist in developing the Climate Strategy and Action Plan, and a range of community engagement activities focussing on Climate Change are being planned for coming months.

Sporting Club Meeting

Council resolved to invite local sporting club presidents to an informal meeting with Councillors and staff to encourage open communication channels between the organisations, with this meeting to be held no later than October 2020, and consideration then being given to holding the meeting on an annual basis.

Bus Shelter Design

The issue of sightlines between passengers and buses, and the impact of bus shelter design on such sightlines, was considered by Council in light of a new advertising panel design incorporated in the recently installed bus shelter on the corner of Spit and Parriwi Roads. It was subsequently resolved that all bus shelters in Mosman must provide clear sightlines between awaiting passengers and oncoming buses and that action be taken to ensure this can be achieved.