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Businesses invited to sponsor an inclusive swing seat

Posted on Thursday 29 April 2021

Socially-minded businesses are being encouraged to become swing seat sponsors to provide inclusive upgrades to parks around Mosman.

The Mosman Council and Mosman Chamber of Commerce partnership with social enterprise Play For All Australia is seeking to replace up to 12 low-back infant swing seats with an Australian-made inclusive high-back version so all children, no matter their ability, can participate in play.

Through the “Play it Forward” campaign, businesses that want to support inclusion in the community can sponsor the installation of a swing seat at a playground in Mosman and in return have their name on the back of their sponsored seat and be included in a digital marketing and community engagement campaign.

Play for All Australia is a for-purpose social enterprise established by Caroline Ghatt and husband Tim Smith. As loving parents to son Marcus, who lived with a significant disability and used a wheelchair, the couple have launched the initiative to generate awareness of the importance of social inclusion.

“Our son Marcus unexpectedly passed away just before his thirteenth birthday,” Caroline said. “To honour the lessons he taught us, we wanted to ensure no family would be left out of their local playground by ‘playing’ inclusion forward and making installing an inclusive swing seat at a local park as simple as playing on one.

“By swapping a low-back infant swing seat for an Australian-made inclusive high-back version we can give all young children the thing they love – the same opportunity to play.”

Mosman Mayor Carolyn Corrigan, Play For All founder Caroline Ghatt and Mosman Chamber of Commerce president Tamara Keniry at Balmoral Park Playground.

Mosman Mayor Carolyn Corrigan said the partnership will help make Mosman’s playgrounds more accessible and inclusive.

“Mosman Council will get the ball rolling by sponsoring a swing seat,” she said. “I encourage other organisations or individuals to support the Play It Forward campaign which brings the community and businesses together to make our beautiful playgrounds more inclusive so all children can participate in play which is so vital for their well-being and development.”

Mosman Chamber of Commerce President Tamara Keniry encouraged local businesses to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the community by sponsoring a swing seat upgrade.

“It’s a great opportunity for businesses to raise their own profile while contributing to the local community in a very positive way,” she said.

At launch, Play For All Australia will be setting up a tech-enabled inclusive swing seat in a playground that will visibly promote the program both online and in the local community. The tech-enabled swing has a built-in counter that will record every swing. In a fun and interactive way to join the cause, the more the community swings on it, the faster they unlock the sponsored inclusive swing seat upgrades across the community.

Interested businesses can find out more by visiting or emailing for a brochure.

Last updated Wednesday 7 July 2021