Community Strategic Plan - MOSPLAN

MOSPLAN 2013–2023

Mosman’s Community Strategic Plan, MOSPLAN 2013-2023, is the plan for Mosman’s future. It responds to the aspirations of the Mosman community and its elected Council, and ensures that services can be provided to the Mosman community effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

MOSPLAN 2013-2023 was adopted by Council on 4 June 2013. The Plan is divided into four themes, Social, Environment, Economic and Governance. These themes link directly to the Delivery Program and Operational Plan, which detail how Council will deliver on community aspirations over four and one year periods.

A (Revised) 2013-2018 Delivery Program and 2017-2018 Operational Plan and Budget were endorsed by Council on 6 June 2017 and are effective 1 July 2017 – 30 June 2018. These documents, together with the 2017-2018 Budget and Pricing Policy (Schedule of Fees and Charges) are available here:

PDF documents

Digital edition

Printed editions

Print copies of the (revised) 2013-2018 Delivery Program, 2017-2018 Operational Plan and Budget and 2017-2018 Pricing Policy – Schedule of Fees and Charges are available at the Barry O’Keefe Library, Mosman.