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Council Decided – 1 June 2021

Posted on Friday 4 June 2021

MOSPLAN (Revised) 2018-2022 Delivery Program and 2021-2022 Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges

Council recently exhibited its (draft) revised MOSPLAN 2018-2022 Delivery Program and 2021-2022 Operational Plan, Budget and Fees and Charges. The period for public comment closed on 9 May and the documents were again considered at this meeting of Council, together with a public submission and minor amendments made during the public exhibition period. Council resolved to adopt all documents, including minor changes. The inclusion of a driveway linemarking fee will be referred for consideration in the 2022/23 Fees and Charges as it was not exhibited as part of the draft Fees and Charges for 2021/22. The newly adopted documents will take effect from Thursday 1 July 2021.

Mayor and Councillor Fees and Superannuation

In response to advice received from the NSW Minister for Local Government and the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal, Council resolved to adopt the maximum mayor ($45,110 p.a.) and councillor ($20,690) fees determined by the Tribunal for 2021/22, noting that no increase had been awarded in 2020/21. Council further resolved that superannuation contributions be made to councillors from 1 July 2022, once relevant amendments are made to the Local Government Act 1993.

Planning Proposal – Miscellaneous Amendments

Following significant strategic planning work in recent years including preparation of a Local Strategic Planning Statement, Community Participation Plan and Local Housing Strategy, Council considered a report proposing various miscellaneous amendments to the Mosman LEP 2012. Council resolved to endorse a Planning Proposal containing these amendments and, subject to Gateway determination by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, exhibit the Planning Proposal for public comment. The relevant LEP amendments include amending the local objectives of Zones B1 and B2 to reference the importance of traditional shopfront proportions, local character and atmosphere; inserting wall height objectives for clause 4.3A and defining mansard roof; inserting a standard earthworks local provision; increasing capital investment value for exempt development at Taronga Zoo to $1.5 million and amending LEP maps to correct various anomalies.

Beach and Reserve Cleaning Contract

Having recently called tenders for its Beach and Reserve Cleaning Contract, Council resolved to accept the tender of Wescon Group and enter into a ten year contract commencing 1 October 2021. The contract covers the cleaning of beaches and reserves including litter picking, collection and servicing of bins in reserves and public places and the cleaning of selected open space assets.

Last updated Wednesday 14 July 2021