Reading Rave! Summer Reading Club for Teens

Mon 28 Nov 2016 - Tue 31 Jan 2017

Every summer we do a summer reading program, where Teens log the hours they’ve spent reading over the holidays, and have a chance at winning a prize.

Treasure Trove

Thu 1 Dec 2016 - Tue 31 Jan 2017

Treasure Trove is an incentive program for primary school children to encourage them to keep reading over the Summer Holidays.

Read Review & Win

Sun 1 Jan - Tue 31 Jan 2017

Read Review & Win is an incentive reading programĀ for adults running during the summer holiday periodĀ from 1 January to 31 January 2017. Major Prize is worth $200.

Lego Madness

Mon 23 Jan 2017

Join us for a morning of Lego fun where we will construct different designs. Build a space ship, build a house, or just be creative. Ages 9-12

Harmonica Craft

Wed 25 Jan 2017

In this activity we will be making our very own harmonica out of crafting materials to play the blues. Suitable for children 5-8 years old.

eXplore eBooks

Thu 2 Feb - Thu 7 Dec 2017

eXplore eBooks