Parks & Reserves

Mosman Council manages a variety of parks, reserves and foreshore areas which serve as venues for formal and informal recreation for all age groups in the community.

Locations and facilities

Balmoral Foreshore Reserve and Beach

Edwards Bay Road to Balmoral Park, Balmoral

Toilets, shops, island, rotunda, swimming enclosure with sharkproof net, baths, change rooms, swings, fishing, sailing and restaurants. Pay and display parking available at Southern end.

Balmoral Park

South end of the Esplanade, Balmoral

Bicycle track, play equipment, kindergarten, sporting facilities, fitness circuit, recreation and bushland reserve, two playing fields, two synthetic wickets, cricket nets, night lighting on playing fields, carpark, toilets, seating and sailing club. Parking accessible to people with disabilities. Pay and display ticket parking.

Bradley Bushland Reserve

Middle Head Road, Mosman

Nature walkway, wildflower walk and seating. Street parking.

Carroll’s Lookout

Eastern end of Edwards Bay Road, Mosman

Look-out and seat. Street parking.

Chinaman’s Beach

McLean Crescent, Mosman

Children’s playground, bushland reserve, street parking and carpark (pay and display ticket area) large open reserve, toilets, change rooms, beach with no net.

Chowder Head

Morella Road, Mosman

(Sydney Harbour National Park) Remnant bushland, bird watching, spotlighting, foreshore bushwalking track from the Zoo Wharf to Clifton Gardens, views of the city and harbour. Bush regeneration sites.

Clifton Gardens

Adjoining Clifton Gardens Reserve, Morella Road, Mosman

Sydney Harbour National Park. Remnant bushland, birdwatching, spotlighting, views of the city and harbour, bushwalking track to Rawson Oval.

Clifton Gardens Reserve

Morella Road, Mosman

Adjoining Sydney Harbour National Park. Toilets, lots of trees, large open area, play equipment, two basketball hoops, change rooms, seating, baths and wharf. Parking available (pay and display ticket area).

Countess Park

Cnr Awaba and Countess Streets, Mosman

Street parking, children’s playground, gently sloping tree studded area with seating.

Curraghbeena Park

Raglan Street, Mosman

Street parking, seating, foreshore bushland reserve and play equipment.

Ellery Park

Western side of Spit Road, Mosman

On-site interpretation works and signage relating to the history of the site and the orginal Spit Bridge, seating, viewing deck.

Harnett Park

Mosman Bay

Carpark, foreshore walk, harbour frontage, rest park and bushland area, rowers’ club and marina.

Hunter Park

The Esplanade, Balmoral

Street parking, play equipment, seating, rest and recreation park, scattered trees and lawn area and Hunter Memorial. Disabled access to toilets on opposite side of The Esplanade.

Joel’s Reserve

13 – 15 Julian Street, Mosman

Street parking, open grassed area, Heritage feature, walking track to foreshore, bushland restoration works. Joel’s Reserve is the site of a major stormwater treatment project that was completed in late 2006.

Lawry Plunkett Reserve

Beaconsfield Road, Mosman

Street parking, play equipment, seating, rest and recreation park with an open grassed area and Natural and Cultural Heritage Walk.

Little Ashton Park

Whiting Beach Road, Mosman

Bushland, gardens and rock art. Free mulch available on Sundays 9am to 3pm. Limited access (no trailers please).

Little Curraghbeena Reserve

Southern end of Musgrave Street, Mosman

Small amenity reserve with grassed area, seating and harbour views. Fish from the seawall.

Memorial Park

Cnr Gouldsbury Street and The Crescent, Mosman

Street parking, seating and a children’s playground. Toilets at Allan Border Oval.

Memory Park

Cowles Road, Mosman

Street parking, playground, seating, basketball hoop, a flat grassed area, handball court, large trees and a rest area. No alcohol permitted between 7.00pm to 10am 7 days per week.

Mosman Park

The Crescent and Myahgah Road, Mosman

Toilets at Allan Border Oval, memorial gardens, seating and street parking.

Parriwi Lighthouse

Parriwi Road, Mosman

Lighthouse and bushland reserve with seating, lookout with views of Middle Harbour, rest area and street parking.

Parriwi Park

Spit Road, Mosman

Nature and bushland reserve with seating, lookout, bushwalking and street parking.

Quakers Foreshore Reserve

Bay Street, Mosman

Street parking, nature reserve and foreshore reserve.

Quakers Hat Park

Quakers Hat to Pearl Bay, Mosman

Street parking, bushland reserve, Beauty Point Foreshore nature walk that is steep in parts with lookouts, small sheltered beaches. Access from Southern end of Pearl Bay.

Rawson Park

Cross Street, Mosman

Seating, netball courts, toilets and change rooms at Rawson Oval, rest and recreation area, Scottish Cairn, Anderson Memorial, carpark and street parking.

Reid Park

Harnett Avenue, Mosman

Play equipment, sporting facilities, synthetic cricket wickets, Bolivia Bridge, street parking, seating, large open reserve and bushland reserve.

Rosherville Reserve and Chinaman’s Beach

McLean Crescent, Mosman

Children’s playground, bushland reserve, street parking and carpark (pay and display ticket area) large reserve, toilets, change rooms and beach with no net.

Sirius Park and Foreshore

Sirius Cove Road, Mosman

Rest and recreation park with a bushland and foreshore reserve, carpark and street parking, play equipment, fishing, toilets, sailing, change rooms, seating and bushwalking.

Spit West Reserve

The Spit, Mosman

Toilets, children’s playground, synthetic cricket wicket, Lucinda Federation Memorial, parking (pay and display ticket area) and a large grassed area.

Fires & BBQs

Fires are prohibited in Mosman’s parks and reserves. Only gas BBQs are allowed.

No BBQs are allowed during a total fire ban.

You can check if a Total Fire Ban applies by:

Memorials in Public Areas

Council regularly receives applications to install memorials in public areas. Balmoral is a particularly popular. The management of memorials in public areas can be an emotional issue. Too many memorial plaques in an area can also change the ‘feel’ of a park from a relaxed, informal recreation area to a memorial reserve and the oversupply of park furniture can inhibit use of an open parkland space. For these reasons there is a limited number of suitable locations available in Mosman.

Council has adopted a policy on the placement Memorials in Public Areas to provide guidance to applicants. The main items of the policy and application people need to be aware of are:

  • Memorials are to be in recognition of a long term resident of Mosman or a person who has contributed to the Mosman Community over many years.
  • Furniture will be to Council’s design.
  • The furniture will remain the property of Mosman Council which will maintain it according to maintenance programs while it is viable to do so.
  • If and when the furniture is replaced the plaque will be returned to the applicant.
  • The location will be in accordance with an agreed plan or on an item of existing park furniture which does not have a plaque on it.
  • Council retains the right to relocate the furniture to an alternate site if it is considered necessary to do so.
  • Council will not be responsible for replacement of the plaque (ie due to vandalism or theft)
  • All costs as identified on the application form are the responsibility of the applicant.

The application form is available at the following link:

Booking parks & reserves

These reserves, beaches and parks are available on a casual basis. Council bookings are essential for organised events of more than 50 people. See Venues for hire.

Parks and Gardens Policy

A Parks and Gardens Policy has been devised to acknowledge the importance of Parks and Garden reserves and the value placed on them by the community:

The policy will ensure that these areas are maintained in a holistic manner and kept in the best possible condition for current and future generations.

Crown Land Reserve Trusts

The map identifies all Crown Land in Mosman over which Council has been appointed Reserve Trust Manager.